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Win’s Art

Win’s (Pawin Pattanakoson) strongest inspiration is taken from his various surroundings and places in nature, which have led Win to his concept of “Emotions from Nature”, the main theme of his work in recent years. He’s a passionate observer of the environment and the multitude of appearances and nuances from the natural world. The richness of colours, shapes, dynamics and details offer him an abundance of motives.

He’s a talented artist, with a wide variety of skills enabling him to produce work encompassing a range of styles, from realistic portrayals of people and places, through to abstract paintings – which is where his true passion lies because of the freedom of expression they allow.

Oil colour is his favorite medium, as it enables him to express richness and vibrancy in his paintings, combined with textures and different techniques that add more depth and layers to his work.

Out of his interest to work with different materials and reconnect to his passion for handcrafts, he also creates unique and original woodcuts, which are then printed on T- Shirts, bags and other materials, all available for purchase at and through Art Yoga Homestay.

Inspired from natural objects such as coconuts and driftwood he also creates beautifully crafted objects, such as pencil- or incense holders. All his crafts, like his paintings, are original and unique, and cannot be found anywhere else. It is also possible to commission a painting or woodcut of your choice; please don’t hesitate to contact Win if you have any requests or queries.

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