Art Classes

Would you like to engage in a creative process during your holidays? Are you interested to learn basic skills in drawing or painting, or do you need some tips to refine your technique? Would you just like to play with different media, colours or shapes? Do you need some new inspiration, or some guidance with your art work?

Book a private Art class with Win!

Dates and times, as well as amounts of hours are flexible. To talk about and to figure out what your interests are, it is best to stop by at Win’s Shop and book a session in person.

For people who have drawing or painting skills already, Win also offers to show how to do woodcut work.


1 hour (60 min), 400,- THB
including Art Supplies (pencil, water- or acrylic colour, paper, a small-sized canvas).

If you wish to work with oil colour, check with Win for availability …