About Tanja

Tanja is originally from Switzerland. Since 2014, she’s been based in Koh Phayam, Thailand, with her husband Win, and their daughter, who was born in 2021.

Before she got her yoga teaching certifcate, she studied contemporary dance and performing arts in Munich, Germany and Salzburg, Austria. She has been part of various dance and performance projects and has a wide range of experience teaching dance and yoga to both adults and children. Besides being interested in art, movement and body work, she has also attended several meditation courses and retreats (mainly Vipassana).

Since her first yoga lesson during dance studies, yoga has been an integral part of her life. After exploring different yoga styles, Tanja chose to do the 3-year Iyengar Yoga teacher training (Level Introductory II) with Wilfrid Schichl in Bern, Switzerland. The detailed and accurate approach of Iyengar Yoga fascinated her. The effect of a regular yoga practice, not only on the body and mind, but also on the whole of our being, and how we are interacting with others and the environment around us has been an onging and profound experience for her.

Even though her yoga practice is rooted in observation of the gross structure of the body, it’s anatomy and systems, for her, the work on the yogamat goes beyond the physical. In her practice she is always interested in exploring how self awareness can be cultivated, how one can let go of unhelpful habits to move towards greater freedom, and how the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of our being are brought into harmony. Tanja feels that besides bringing many health benefits, yoga also offers a path of self-exploration, to expand consciousness, gain clarity and deepen awareness. Further, it is a practice-field for her to cultivate resilience for life’s challenges.

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